Council reduced to nine?

Posted by Dave Dykema - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There's a call to reduce the size of Toledo City Council.

The change could come as early as September.

Currently, there are twelve members on the City Council.

Six are elected At Large and six are district seats.

But one councilwoman says nine is fine.

Lindsay Webb proposes eliminating At Large seats and electing nine Super-District members.

That would be a change in the City Charter.

Webb claims the reorganization will result in more effective government, save taxpayer dollars and lead to better representation.

Case in point: nine of the twelve members now live west of Douglas Road.

"While some may argue that where you live doesn't indicate what kind of representative you are, I believe it does," says Webb. "Where you shop, where you spend your money, where you send your kids to school depends on what decision you made at Government Center."

Webb also says by moving to a Super-District format, Toledoans will be able to compare candidates against their closest competitor instead of a format of voting for and running in a pack.

There will be a petition drive to put the issue on the September primary ballot before voters.

4,600 valid signatures are needed.

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