Shooting victim worries about police layoffs

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Dave Dykema - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - David Gonzalez went into the Speedway station at Sylvania and Jackman on April 14 to get a pack of cigarettes.

When he pulled into the lot, Gonzalez nearly struck a man standing in a parking space.

He apologized. The man said it was fine.

Gonzalez left and shortly afterword was shot in the eye while driving down Broer Street.

His mother--who doesn't want to be identified--says her son is now blind in one eye, has facial fractures and a bullet still lodged in his head.

"He's not been able to eat because he has to be on soft food because of fractures," she said, adding that he "can't chew food."

Police believe the shooter is the man Gonzalez almost hit in the Speedway parking lot.

He's still on the loose.

Detectives have talked to someone who knows him but claim he lied during questioning.

Gonzalez's mother asked, "What you going to do about it? He said 'nothing. We're letting it go at this time.' I said 'who's going to follow-up?' He said 'nobody.'"

Gonzalez's mother said detectives told her the case will go unsolved because of police layoffs.

"They said 'we're not going to have detectives. We are going to be police officers.' I said 'who's going to handle them?' He said 'no one. It's just going to sit idle.'"

David Gonzalez is a crime victim.

Now his mother fells like a victim too--a victim of Toledo's budget crisis.

"I'm very upset because my first priority was my son getting through this ordeal. And I guess I just relied on it getting solved."

And she believes it won't be solved until the city's financial mess is solved.