Tips to keep yourself safe with fewer police on the streets

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The total number of police layoffs this month are being reduced from 150 down to 75. That still leaves Chief Navarre with some personnel juggling, but he says the reduction in layoffs will result in the gang task force being left intact.

However, due to the cuts, the mounted patrol will be idled. The mayor is putting the pressure once again on Toledo City Council. He says more police layoffs will happen on June 1 if his budget balancing plan is not adopted. "If council does not demonstrate wisdom and courage and adopt the plan, the burden of additional police officer layoffs will rest squarely on their shoulders," said Finkbeiner.

Keep yourself safe

The 75 police officers will be laid off at the end of their shift Friday. How can you prepare for fewer police on our streets? Here is some information we found. We'll be covering this story interactively on News 11 at 5 and 6. Are you doing anything different starting this weekend? Log in at the end of the story and tell us.

The Toledo Police Department Web site has some good resources to start with.

Crime prevention

You can also learn some tips for personal safety that will deter and avoid crimes. The National Crime Prevention Council is a very thorough site.


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