Pro Caulk: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

Dozens of viewers wanted to know if Pro-Caulk works, before they go and buy it. After all, many of us are looking for ways to do-it-ourselves when it comes to home repair; and this kit is supposed to make sealing tile much easier.

Habitat for Humanity volunteers Terry Juden and Fred Rol agree.  Terry manages construction at the site, and Fred tiles by trade and volunteers his time to Habitat.
"I think it has some promise. It's a little flexible, so that's nice," says Terry.
First, we begin in a somewhat non-realistic setting just to test.  Terry applies silicon to the tile in what will be the water heater and furnace room.  Hey, if this product doesn't work, we don't want to mess up someone's new home!
"It's always tough to get a nice edge on caulk," says Terry.
With the textured walls above where we're sealing, we see the Pro-Caulk works ok but it's not the smoothest finish.
"I'm not sure. I still like using my finger," says Terry.
Fred gives it a try...
"You do get a little residue still left on the floor," he notes.
He and Terry decide they want to test further, and they can fix anything this might mess up, if the Pro Caulk doesn't work, after all!
"It's gonna be tough to beat my finger!" laughs Terry.
So, we move onto the bathroom floor where the guys will seal the area between the tub and tile floor.  There's not a rough texture here like there is between the painted wall and floor in the furnace room.
"This should work pretty well," predicts Fred.
We still have some ridges, but Fred goes over it one time, and what a difference!
"It takes a couple of tries, maybe?" says Fred.
For kicks, he does the next seal with his finger, and the Pro Caulk does leave a nicer finish when you compare the two.
"It does work!" say Fred and Terry.
So, is Terry ready to give us his tool of the trade---his finger---and buy this?
"Yes, but I don't need any more things to keep up with," he laughs. 
I can't help you with that, Terry, but I can say there's no doubt about it, the Pro Caulk leaves a nice smooth finish, depending on where you seal.  You get three different edgers to choose from to help seal in tight or larger spaces.
"I'd give it an 'A', and you know I'm not easy on giving an 'A," says Terry.
Neither am I, but it appears the $20 dollar Pro Caulk kit does live up to its promise, even proving to be handier than your fingers on jobs like these.  Remember though, if you have textured walls, this product won't do you any good.  It works best on sealing around smooth appliances and tubs. It seals the deal with an 'A' on this Does it Work test.  I bought it online, but you can find it at most Wal-Mart and Walgreens stores.

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