TPS juggling police and teacher layoffs

By Tanieya Lewis - bio | email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - With only one full month left in the school year, the district is losing its 12 resource officers -- Toledo police officers in schools -- because of city cuts.

Superintendent John Foley held a press conference to reassure parents their kids will continue to enjoy safe schools.

To make up for city cuts, the district will hire 12 "project officers." They will be certified, so that means they will be armed. But they will not have the same familiarity with students as the student resource officers.

Mr. Foley says it's "not the perfect solution," but it "makes sense for the situation they're in." Now he's asking parents for their support.

The district says it is working with the city to request a state-funded grant to pay next year's officers. In the meantime, Foley says the district is facing a deficit of at least $10 million dollars. That means he's looking at closing schools and laying off up to 100 teachers, which has brought in the teacher's union.