Families Coping: Finding what's important in tough times

MAUMEE (WTOL) - In our Families Coping series, we check in with the Huners and take a look at the changes in family dynamics. They say, while it's been hard financially. there's an unexpected benefit that's keeping them going.

The loss of Randy Huners business last year brought many tough challenges to their family. "It was just something I had to do because I had no more money coming in. I couldn't operate anymore," said Randy Huner.

It brought hard emotional walls. "There's a lot of depression that goes with that, tremendous amount of depression... a lot of fear and angst, says wife and mother Candy Huner.

It brought tough financial choices. With 4 kids, the bills had to get paid. That posed a tough new dynamic for their marriage. "She's the boss," says Randy, "I'll let her have that."

Randy found himself teaming up with Candy to expand her house-cleaning business. "At first, I had a real hard time with that. I went from having my own employees and having my own business to cleaning houses."

While at first, the Huner's admit the transition was hard. Candy tells us, "Randy was so depressed that I just had to pick it up and go with it."

The ultimate pay-off has been one of the most positive moves for the family. "I didn't realize what I was not giving them," says Randy. His grueling schedule to keep his medical transport business afloat had him drifting farther and farther away from his family. It's a tough downside to the American dream.

"Our Dad would take us home, and we would ask him, 'Are you staying home?' He would say, 'No' and he said it broke his heart every day," said his son Jacob.

Randy says, "I was never here. I was gone between 6 and 7 (a.m.) and you wouldn't finish up till 7 or 8 (p.m.), and it was five nights a week."

When the business went under, the Huner's family life started to sail. The Huner kids admit, while money's tight, this pay-off is worth more than a hefty paycheck.

The cleaning partnership, Randy and Candy say, is working better than they could have imagined.

The kids say they've noticed a change for the better too. Daughter Kelsey said, "I like it. I think that they get along really well, and it's cool that they're like best friends, and they're my parents."