Mayor's office rejects latest contract proposal

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The mayor's office has rejected the latest contract offer with the Toledo Police Patrolman's Association. At this time, the 150 layoffs are still scheduled to take place on May 1 (75 layoffs) and May 15 (75 layoffs).

Mayoral Chief of Staff and Public Safety Director Robert Reinbolt released the following statement at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, April 29:

"The informal agreement discussed with TPPA last night during a confidential meeting was analyzed by the City administration today to determine the financial impact. As indicated during our discussion last night, the budget deficit continues to be of major concern, and must be resolved. After review by our Finance Department, the concessions requested by TPPA were not sufficient to help balance the budget, and still left a deficit of more than $14 million. We have no desire to layoff any City employee, but we must balance the budget. Union contract negotiations will continue."

Toledo Police Patrolman Association (TPPA) President Dan Wagner told News 11 a tentative agreement was reached Tuesday night, April 28 with Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre and Mayoral Chief of Staff Bob Reinbolt. However, the mayor's office sent out a press release after the story ran saying negotiations were still in progress. Robert Reinbolt has now confirmed the deal has been rejected.