Swiergosz arraigned after second police standoff

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The man who officers say attacked his estranged wife for a second time in two months, this time triggering a six-hour hostage situation, faced a judge.

Michael Swiergosz was arraigned Wednesday, April 29 on two counts of felonious assault and two counts of kidnapping.

His parents were in the courtroom. They gave us no comment.

These charges stem from what police say he did yesterday at Sunset Retirement Communities near Ottawa Hills. Police say his estranged wife works there, and he entered one building with a gun. They say he told an employee in the lobby to get his wife.

When she did, police say Swiergosz hit his estranged wife in the head with a crowbar and held her captive in a first-floor apartment for nearly six hours.

News 11's Lisa Rantala spoke with the main negotiator. He said Swiergosz told his wife he was going away for 20 years from the first standoff, and he wanted to get some questions answered. Those questions involved their kids and if she would take them to church. They also  involved finances and different family members. Early on, the negotiator said Swiergosz stated he would not harm his wife if police were not aggressive toward him. But Swiergosz wasn't sure if he'd hurt himself.

As for what triggered it all, the negotiator wasn't sure. He did Swiergosz had commented about crying himself to sleep the night before.

Details on protection orders and making bond

Many viewers are wondering why Swiergosz was out on bond with a protection order against him and his wife saying she feared for her life. News 11 Crime Reporter Lisa Rantala looked into this. Watch the featured video in the video gallery for this report.