GoodNewZ: Brookview Dental offering free consults

Reported by Andrew Z
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - With today's economy, sometimes we forget there are still a lot of positive things going on in our community.

Today we're introducing a new segment: GoodNewz. Kiss FM's Andrew Z will host the segment once a week -- and hopes you'll suggest story ideas to him.

This idea started with a banner and an entire dental practice willing to go the extra mile for people who have lost their jobs. Indeed, Brookview Dental offers a free consultation and diagnosis. Their staff is willing to work with patients, on a one-to-one basis, who need help paying for cleanings or treatments.

"Our community has been very good to us so we want to give back. We want to help," said Shane Ferguson, Brookview Dental office manager.

"Dental problems and decay don't care if you're working or not," Ferguson said. "Instead of having someone have to lose a tooth because the problem was just let go, we can take care of a simple cavity and repair it, and then they save their teeth."

Brookview Dental started the program just more than a month ago, and already people are reaching out to take advantage of the help.

To take advantage of the program, just give Brookview Dental a call at 419.885.1115.

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