Standoff Ends: Wife freed, Swiergosz surrenders

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo police say Michael Swiergosz surrendered after releasing his estranged wife, Barbara around 5:15 on Tuesday, April 28. He held his wife at gunpoint for more than five hours in a rear building of the Sunset House community at 4020 Indian Road.

Swiergosz is in police custody and will face a judge on Wednesday morning.

He had been released for an earlier incident (see attached story) on a $25,000 bond, which was revoked today by Judge Denise Dartt. Dartt set a new bond at $500,000.

Police Chief Mike Navarre says Swiergosz did hit Barbara in the head with a crowbar when he first came upon her in the facility but that the situation as of 4 p.m. is "calm." The room is a first floor residential unit; the blinds are drawn.

Navarre says all of the Swiergosz children are "fine" and have only a rudimentary understanding of what's going on. Police say Swiergosz has not requested to speak with any family members.

Police have been preventing people from going into the facility since about 11:26 a.m. when  Swiergosz went with a gun to Sunset Retirement Communities where his wife, Barbara, works, police say. They say he pointed a gun at a female employee and asked her to retrieve his wife.

The mother of Barbara was on the scene earlier. She told News 11's Lisa Rantala that Swiergosz has abused his wife and that he has threatened to kill her and their daughter.

School lockdown status

  • Ottawa Hills Elementary, Junior High School and High School will dismiss as usual
  • St. Ursula Academy is no longer on lockdown
  • Christ the King Elementary School is no longer on lockdown

A St. Ursula freshman told News 11 that all students were required to stay in locked classrooms during the lockdown but that everyone was "calm."

Suspect has had run-ins with police

News 11 has confirmed that Michael Swiergosz was involved in a police standoff on March 10 at his home at 111 Hidden Meadows off Hill Ave. in Holland.

During that 3-hour standoff, police say Michael Swiergosz barricaded himself inside his home, threatening to kill himself. His wife and daughter were able to escape. We're told that situation arose from an argument over dropping off their child.

Barbara told News 11's Crime Reporter Lisa Rantala at the time that her husband was verbally abusive before that, but March 10 was the first time he was physically abusive. A gun may also have been involved with that incident.

Swiergosz was arraigned last week for that incident. After the arraignment, Barbara told Lisa Rantala she was afraid. She says Michael claimed he would come back and finish the job.

Barbara had filed for divorce. The home was in foreclosure.

Swiergosz is out on bond after the arraignment.