Developing Story: UT announces 100 layoffs

TOLEDO (WTOL) - In a press conference streamed via webcast on Tuesday, the University of Toledo announced 100 layoffs. UT President Dr. Lloyd Jacobs said this is a reduced number from the 300 layoffs that had been anticipated.

News 11's Tanieya Lewis spoke with Jacobs following the news conference. He said the university's $16 million to $17 million shortfall in 2009-2010 was the determining factor in the decision to lay off workers.

But he says the layoffs were thoughtfully considered.

"State revenues are down. .... We are preparing our fiscal 2010 budget ... we've tried to have minimal impact on human beings, minimal impact on students and on patients at UTMC," Jacobs said.

Note: There were technical difficulties with the live stream. No major stations in the area were able to play it.