EcoTrack 11: The Andersons making an effort to keep it green

Reported by Chris Vickers email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

(WTOL) - Through thick and thin economic times, The Andersons stays committed to keeping things green, as its workers can attest.

For example, Larry Reinbolt, the supervisor at The Andersons custom fabrication shop in Maumee, is now part of a green project: refurbishing recycle bins.

"We were in a slow time, and it kept a lot of people busy for us," Reinbolt said about the transition to ecologically sound processes.

The bins placed around the community offer more convenience in recycling. Many of them arrived to the shop in very bad shape. So, they were sandblasted and fit with new steel components.

"The ones we cut off we will put on a big pile which do get recycled again, so actually they will be turned back into new steel. So ... everything done on this will be recycled again," Reinbolt said.

The complete refabrication of one of these massive bins takes a team of workers about 6 hours to complete.

"This would be the final stage before painting. We actually have a guy right inside right now... welding the floor in it," Reinbolt said.

The work on the recycling bins is not the only thing that has moved quickly.

"The idea to refurbish these recycle bins only came about last month. Now the first ones are already showing up right here in the community," said Anne Cook with The Andersons. "What we really accomplished is keeping the fab shop busy, keeping the money local and also helping to improve the environment."