Talks between union and city leaders break down

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Talks between police and city administration have broken down. They may have actually been close to an agreement.

The largest issues are police wages, health care benefits and pension payments.

"The city was stuck on 1 issue that they wouldn't budge on. We gave several counter proposals to it, but they were stuck on it so we ended the session," says President of the Toledo Police Patrolmans Association Dan Wagner.

"...we were very close. If this one issue was corrected we would probably be signing a tentative agreement this evening," says Wagner.

The contract dispute is now set for a formal fact-finding meeting on May 28th.

News 11's crime expert weighs in on what the police layoffs will mean for the city.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo city administrators and the patrolman's union have been meeting to try and create a deal to prevent mass layoffs of Toledo police officers.

The goal is keeping Toledo police working and on the streets. City administrators and leaders with the patrolman's union sat down with a fact finder mediator this morning, 4 hours later union leaders broke for lunch, still without a deal.

"We just got sustenance to keep us for another five to six hours so if necessary we'll be back out and stay through the night if necessary to knock something out if the city is willing to work with us," says TPPA President Dan Wagner.

The contract dispute centers around wages, pension pick-ups and health care benefits.

Council's Mike Collins expects the TPPA to agree to some concessions, and set the mark for other union deals. He is confident budget solutions will be found to avoid most, if not all of the proposed police layoffs.

"...there will be concessions and those concessions may not meet with the mayor's requirements...but they will be reasonable and practical. We will move forward from there and walk away from this absolute hysteria the mayor created."

If a tentative deal isn't reached, the fact finder mediator would have 2 weeks to issue a report, but Collins is hoping that report can be returned within 5 days.

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