Urban League helping job seekers

By Tanieya Lewis - bio | email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Finding a job in a tight market is tough, especially when it seems the odds are against you. The staff at the Greater Toledo Urban League are helping job seekers beat those odds.

"They don't have a way to get around, other than the bus. They don't have the clothes to get dressed in. And you've got to work first to be able to do all that. So we help them get started," said Jim Gehr

Everything a person competing for work needs to get started is inside of the organization's second-floor suite. There's a computer lab, where they can type up their resumes, and receive coaching from a specialist.

Only a few steps away, there's access to a closet full of professional clothes. "We like to give them a set for at least the first interview. If they have a second interview, we'll give them another set, a sport coat or a suit, for a man, same thing for a woman," said Gehr.

Then the group loads up in the job van for the daily work-search. "We're going to go to employers and give them copies of our resumes and put in applications," said Iyana Young, who is searching for Work.

They usually leave by 9:30 and are back by noon. Though the urban league takes the drivers seat in the search for work, it's up to each passenger to take control of his or her future.

Carisa Jones tells us, "I remain optimistic with my job search knowing that I have places like the Urban League to help me navigate through my job search and hopefully execute some good results."