Rep. Latta on Chrysler and GM

Rep. Bob Latta (R) Ohio
Rep. Bob Latta (R) Ohio

By Justin Michaels - bio | email

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(WTOL) - As we learn more about the situation Chrysler finds itself in, U.S. Congressman Bob Latta has his own theory on why the auto maker finds itself in this trouble.

Congressman Latta has real concerns about the current auto industry situation because he not only has a Chrysler plant in his district, he has GM in his district as well. "It seems like Chrysler has been seen as the back seat in this deal because they're not seen as one of the major players," he said.

The Congressman believes now that Chrysler is front and center, everyone is scrambling to come up with a solution before bankruptcy becomes a reality. "You haven't heard much about Chrysler because I think most people think, 'Well, Fiat's in this deal and they ought to just take care of the problem.'"

We now know that kind of thinking may have allowed Chrysler to get into a position it can't get out of. There's the group of people who are directly affected by any action in Washington or Detroit - the UAW workers in these factories.

We met with the president of UAW0 Local 1435, from the Chrysler Machining Plant in Perrysburg Township. He didn't want to go on camera, but he says he and his fellow workers aren't panicking but they are very worried.