Mayor releases Toledo Police contingency plan

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The city releases its plan to downsize the Toledo Police Department with 150 layoffs next Friday.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, April 23, the mayor says he doesn't want to do it. He also says there's still time to reduce the number of layoffs expected for next week, which currently stands at 150.

Layoff details

  • 11 SWAT officers
  • 13 positions in vice narcotics
  • 21 detectives
  • 3 traffic officers

As for units eliminated

  • The gang task force
  • Mounted patrol
  • Employee assistance unit
  • False alarms unit
  • School resource officers
  • Police probation team
  • Crime analysis unit

The city says the number of officers gone could reduce if the union will agree to reduction in benefits and salary. Both parties will meet with a fact finder Friday, April 24 as part of negotiations.

At this point, the union says the city is not being completely honest with them, which is why negotiations have gone south.

Lawsuit filed

As for the Command Officers Association, they just filed a temporary restraining order in court against the city. They say the layoff of 20 command officers violated their agreements with the city. That matter goes to a judge Monday.

A press release from Mayor Finkbeiner's office released at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 23:

Mayor Finkbeiner released the Toledo Police Department contingency plan, which details how the department will operate following the announced layoffs of 150 police officers.

Mayor Finkbeiner released the following statement: "I do not wish to lay off any member of our Safety Forces or other City personnel that provide service to our citizens. Yet, I must take this action in order to balance a $20 million deficit that is growing by $500,000 each week. However, it is not too late to greatly reduce the announced number of layoffs. To City Council and the members of our Unions: The power is in our hands. I again appeal to you to join with us to reduce the number of layoffs through passing our entire Balanced Budget Plan. The Balanced Budget Plan will balance Toledo's budget with few layoffs."

Read the mayor's plan.

Chief of Staff and Public Safety Director Robert Reinbolt released the following statement: "These announced layoffs can be greatly reduced in number. This administration has put forth a Balanced Budget Plan to City Council requiring reductions in benefits and salaries for all City of Toledo employees, as well as modest revenue enhancements that would avert the staffing changes now required for the Toledo Police Department. City Council has adopted what is commonly known as "The Szollosi Plan," which calls for layoffs in all departments, with the Police Department being impacted the most due to minimal manning requirements of the Fire Department. This administration has done all it can do to avoid these layoffs. It now rests on the shoulders of Council and our Unions to prevent this from happening."

Chief of Police Michael Navarre released the following statement: "The loss of 150 officers on May 1 has required a restructuring of the Police Department. Every effort will be made to continue our success in reducing crime as we have done in each of the last three years."