Toledo street repairs for main roads, not residential

By Rob Wiercinski - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Up until now, Toledo leaders have been focusing on the operating budget, and how to erase a massive deficit. Today, attention is turning to the capital improvement fund and what's being excluded from that plan.

Delaware Avenue in Toledo's Old West End looks more like bumpy boulevard, and this small business owner says it hardly stirs up community pride. "It's very hard and you're hoping none of our visitors decide to drive down Delaware Avenue because, if they do, they're going to remember the city, and it's not going to be prideful," said Sheri Galloway.

Other than some quick patch work, there's not much hope the situation will change.

The mayor's $23.5 million capital improvement plan includes over $8 million for main road resurfacing, however nothing for general resurfacing.

City Council's Mike Ashford told News 11, "This year in '09, there will be no residential streets repaved, and I said that a month ago. Here we are a month later finding out there will be no residential streets repaved."

Ashford hopes his colleagues on council will find some room in the CIP plan for general resurfacing, to give taxpayers some bang for their buck. "You pay for basic city services, and you pay for street repaving. You're not getting any of that, so people should really be upset."

Galloway says the street conditions are bad for business. "They don't want to come back here, and I'm telling them come down -- but be careful. Don't do the speed limit. Go a little slower."

Those concerns will fall through the cracks if the proposed capital improvement plan is placed on the fast track and approved soon by council.