Police layoffs: Plan set for which departments cut

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - This plan was not revealed by Chief Navarre. He said he will formally announce his plan on Thursday, April 23. Navarre did, however, discuss the plan we lay out with Toledo Police Patrolman Association's Dan Wagner. We spoke with Wagner today, and this is the breakdown he gave us.

Ten units within the police department will be eliminated within the next two weeks. The units to be eliminated include:

  • Auto Theft Unit
  • Cold Case Unit which focuses on unsolved murders
  • Bad Check Unit
  • Mounted Patrol (The horses will be boarded elsewhere for now.)
  • Sergeant in Arms Division. That division supplies security for city council and follows up on citizen complaints.
  • Employee Assistance Unit
  • False Alarms Unit
  • School Resource Officers
  • Police Probation Team
  • Crime Analysis Unit. That unit tracks the crime trend and hot spots in our city.

There are other units still in tact, but they received severe cuts.

In all, 21 detective positions have been cut, 10 SWAT officers, 13 vice narcotic officers and three traffic officers.

Toledo Police Patrolman's Association (TPPA) President Dan Wagner says the remaining officers and citizens of Toledo are all in danger. He says it didn't have to come to this if only the mayor would have cooperated with the union during negotiations. "I think what he was trying to do was push a package onto us and threaten the layoffs to try to get that package pushed through. Now, his ego is not letting him back down from that threat because he's played all his chips on the table."

Since the younger officers are the ones being laid off, it's now the older officers who will go back to the streets.