Speed interviewing -- can you do it?

By Justin Michaels - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - It's interview practice day in the College of Business at BGSU, but this isn't normal interviewing.

"Move to your next station."

It's called speed interviewing, and these interviews only last two minutes. Business recruiters from across northwest Ohio take part to do what interviewers do best -- ask questions such as:

  • "What would you like to do after graduation?"
  • "Please tell me a little bit about your background."
  • "Why should I hire you?"

It's the students' job to answer those questions as quickly and precisely as possible.

"You don't have a lot of time to make that first impression. They know almost immediately if they're going to be interested in you, or if they're not going to be." Jasmine Adams is a junior and also one of 149 business students taking part as a speed interviewee. "You can say anything that you feel is going to get you that position. Any qualities you may have and you just go on for two minutes," said Adams.

Each student's interview performance is rated and recorded by the interviewers. The student that does the best job overall wins an Apple iPod Touch. The best class overall gets a pizza party.

"It's incredible how short of time it really is and how you have to narrow it down to one or two things to really do it justice," said Sophomore Skyler Rogers.

All this, with the hopes that when that bell rings, you're the one they remember. This is a project the students have been working on all semester. It's even part of the business class syllabus.

The neatest part is that some of these students may just walk away today with a job or internship.