Student body busting out of new school building

Reported by Tanieya Lewis email
Posted by Kate Oatis email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Some students at the new Arlington Elementary in south Toledo might be moving into portable units next school year.

And that's frustrating to some parents, including Michelle Alley.

"We were excited to be moving to a new building with fresh facilities with room for everyone. Now apparently we're going to end up with portables and teachers on carts," Alley said.

About 410 kids are enrolled for the Fall, but superintendent John Foley says the new school was built to serve just 350 students, enrollment numbers that were projected by the State before he took office.

For now, four portable classrooms seem like the best option.

"We're almost finished with that building; to add on is an option. I don't know that it would be ready in August at the start of school," Foley said.

An explanation not fully satisfactory to Alley.

"It just seems if we're going to spend all of this much money, two more classrooms could have been planned in somehow."

Foley says Arlington should get some relief by the middle of 2011 when the district's new K-8 building is up and running and Arlington's sixth-graders move there.

But Alley says two more years is too long to wait.

"I don't know that there's a better way solution. I certainly don't have one myself, because I can't make money appear and neither can Mr. Foley -- and I understand that. But we just wish that somehow the planning could have been better, or there was some other solution."

Alley will attend a Parent-Teacher Organization meeting in the neighborhood Wednesday. She hopes they'll just come up with a solid solution so families and teachers can prepare.