Guest Editorial: Let's help our neighbors

By Keith Burwell, Toledo Community Foundation

Drastic times call for drastic measures and drastic help. Our community needs your help. Do you know someone who is unemployed or working in a job that doesn't cover basic living expenses? In this difficult time, our community calls on you to help your neighbors in need of food, clothing or shelter. Please join us in our efforts. In fact we'll make your help count 150 percent.

Your local community foundation has introduced a program called the Safety Net Fund to support nonprofit organizations that offer food, clothing and shelter with needed funds to maintain these basic safety net services in our community.

We're calling on our community to join together and help our neighbors. Individual donations to the Safety Net Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation will be matched with 50 cents for every dollar donated, up to $2,000 per individual. We're covering all the costs and overhead, so 100 % of donated and matched funds will be granted in 2009 for basic needs assistance. We have provided over $118,000 to the community for basic needs to date.

Donations can be sent to the Toledo Community Foundation, 300 Madison Avenue, Suite 1300, Toledo, OH 43604, or donate online at