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Ninja club fight

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

Posted by Nick Dutton - email


Shirley Hudgins got orders from the city to make several home improvements back in February

<they asked me to paint>

<clean the yard up cut the grass >

and she's been doing it

<nat:i cleaned all that up-*her house>

But doesn't understand why- when she's forced to look at this

empty lot------ right across the street -along the rail road tracks- littered with trash and out of control brush

<they never cut the grass its grows 7 feet high>

She's been looking at it for several months-----and it's clear the city's aware as well


<nat:they got mad at me when I opened my mouth>

And as a senior -on a limited income- who's paying for her mistake- in labor cost

and in fines......

Hudgins doesn't think it's fair.

<i did everything they told me what are you going to do about over there>

And wants the city to set the example ---------hoping that like "she did"- others will follow

<nat: all I want the city to do is clean it up so i'm not embarrassed plus if they clean it up they'll stop dumping>

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