EPA found nothing suspicious in Clyde

SANDUSKY COUNTY (WTOL) - People living in the Clyde-Green Springs area have more questions than answers.

The Ohio EPA is investigating a cancer cluster in the area. News 11 has been leading the way on the investigation into 20 children getting cancer in a 3-4 year period.

The Ohio EPA began water and air testing in January but announced at a community meeting Monday, April 20 that nothing came up suspicious.

That means the air and drinking water is safe but also means the cause for the cancer has not been found.

The director of the Ohio EPA says, although they have ruled out some causes, they're nowhere closer to solving the mystery.

"Are we still guessing? Am I still guessing? Yes. I am at a loss to what is causing these cases of cancer," said Ohio EPA Director Chris Korleski.

Parents tell us they're relieved the water and air are safe but are once again frustrated over the lack of a link.

The Ohio EPA says air monitoring will continue for another eight months and testing of pesticides in the water supply will be done this summer.