Families Coping: Using coupons while shopping really pays off

By Melissa Voetsch email | bio

Posted by Kate Oatis -

(WTOL) - Shopping with the Huners these days is all about saving money.

It's double coupon day at Kroger's, and their first stop is produce. Candy Huner gets two bags of salad kits -- on sale, plus she has a coupon. After she mails in the recipts, they're free.

"That's why it's important to send in your rebates," Candy said, adding, "I get to hold the coupons. That's an important job: Don't drop the coupons."

Candy has also come up with a simple and cheap way to keep coupons organized. She uses a notebook and page protectors.

She breaks everything down into easy-to-find groups, like soups and frozen foods, with sub-categories for different items, saying, "It's just an easier way than thumbing through all the coupons."

Store brands are often cheaper, she says.

By the way, Candy says cheaper doesn't necessarily mean lesser quality.

Candy constantly scouts the sales fliers for added discounts -- like double or triple coupons.

"Kellogs for $2.18 and then we have a dollar off coupon so that's $1.18."

Also, many stores offer samples that lead to big discounts.

"You can get a free sample, and then they'll give you a free sample coupon," Candy said.

She also says not to forget the Catalina coupons, the ones printed on the back of your store reciepts.

Randy says, with four kids, every cent saved, helps.

"We paid $204, but we saved $122," Randy said, showing the receipt -- and smiling.

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