EcoTrack 11: OCC to hold Reuse a Shoe drive for Earth Day

Reported by Chris Vickers - email | bio

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

(WTOL) - In concert with the start of Spring, environmental awareness at Owens Community college is higher than ever with the Environmental Club and Nike stepping up with a Reuse a Shoe drive.

"Last year we collected over 1,000 shoes, so this year we are trying to collect at least 2,000 to double our goal from last year," said Faith Barnes, student activities assistant.

The shoe drive, which goes through the end of the month, looks to be a success with support from many other organizations participating around the the community.

"It's a really great collaborative effort, and we definitely want as many community members to come in and donate their shoes and get involved," Barnes said.

The shoes are collected, processed, and recycled into material used in sport surfaces, athletic fields and playgrounds. Other ideas at the recent environmental fair encouraged students to think outside the box, or in this case, from inside the world's smallest car.

Brent Myers, adjunct professor, says these tiny vehicles, some running on alternative energy, teach a special lesson to students, one not learned in books.

"They absolutely bring a message: There is an alternate way of doing things," Myers said.

Earth Day is this Wednesday, a reminder for us to consider what we can do to create a healthier future.

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