Major home explosion in W. Toledo

UPDATE: Fire investigators tell News 11 the home was so badly destroyed that they will have a hard time determining a cause. The investigation is ongoing.

WEST TOLEDO (WTOL) - Investigators don't yet know what caused a home in west Toledo to explode. Neighbors reported the explosion about 5:10 a.m. Sunday, April 19.

Fire officials say a two-story house in exploded and was destroyed by a fire that also damaged several neighboring homes.

It happened on the 1400 block of Gould. The blast blew the front door across the street. It was followed by a fire that damaged several homes nearby.

Batallion Chief Frank Keating says the house had been nearly leveled by the explosion and was consumed by flames as firefighters arrived. He says no one was in the house, and no injuries were reported.

Fire officials say the cause is under investigation.