UPDATED: Murder in Perrysburg Township

Police found the body of Henrietta Fostor in her mobile home.
Police found the body of Henrietta Fostor in her mobile home.

UPDATE: Daniel Prater was arraigned Monday, April 20 in Perrysburg Municipal Court. He is charged with aggravated murder.

He appeared without legal counsel and had his bond set at $250,000. We are told the public defender's office may not be able to defend Prater because of their assistance to him in another case. We do not know the details of this assistance. He has a prior offense from 4/02/08 of domestic violence.

The Penalty for aggravated murder could be death or life in prison.

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP (WTOL) - A Perrysburg Township man faces murder charges in court Monday, April 20.

Authorities were called to a mobile home in the Heights section of the township on Sunday morning.

When they arrived, they found 57-year old Henrietta Fostor dead. Shortly after, they arrested 50-year old Daniel Prater for her killing.

Authorities say the two knew each other but won't say who found Fostor's body, the extent of her injuries or a possible motive for the killing.

Fostor is no stranger to her neighbors in the heights. "When we first moved in, she got drunk and was trying to hop into our moving van. She has been a little crazy with her alcohol," said Heights resident Samantha Baldwin.

Residents in the Heights say they are used to crime in their neighborhood but are stunned by the murder.