Numbers out: 240 additional city layoffs

City layoffs

By Colleen Wells - bio | email

The cuts are massive:

  • 150 police officers...
  • 17 police department civilians
  • 142 general fund employees.

Six fire command officers will be reassigned to line duty.

32-hour work week

Many city departments -- except public safety, refuse, and public utilities -- will work a Monday through Thursday schedule. These general fund employees starting the 32-hour week will be taking a 20% pay cut.

In a statement the mayor says, "These are not steps I wish to take, but they are nonetheless necessary to balance the City of Toledo's budget."

In a letter to city council, the mayor says he has no other alternative but to lay off a significant number of employees because council has not passed his budget plan, which includes increasing taxes.

Toledo city councilman George Sarantou says the burden is on unions to make concessions. "I think the majority of us are not going to act until we get concessions from the collective bargaining units. We must show the taxpayers of this community that we have done everything to reduce expenditures from the city of Toledo. And until we get those kinds of cuts in personnel- how can we go back to the taxpayer raise taxes?"

Some layoffs are possible to reverse

Both council members and the mayor agree  that all of these lay offs are not set in stone. If council raises taxes and union leaders make concessions in the next few weeks, many jobs could be saved.

Police layoffs

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

All layoff will take effect May 1 -- in less than two weeks.

The Toledo Police Patrolman's Association started picketing Friday afternoon.

They're at 5/3rd Field passing out flyers to folks heading the ball game. The flyers are about crime stats, officer numbers and how these layoffs will drastically affect them.

Here's how the numbers stand right now.

The Toledo Police Department consists of 615 officers today, and some in city council say that's 100 less already than the national average.

As of May 1, that number will drop to 465. That cut will possibly eliminate the gang unit, school resource officers, community service officers and mounted patrol.

Some say it would eliminate the vice narcotics unit and reduce the number of detectives to a handful.

Officers have been at the negotiation table with the city. They say this has lost all their trust.

The TPPA says some would rather take these layoffs than requested concessions. Their resentment even led to these t-shirts that read, 'I called 911, but all I got was this lousy trash can.'

Full statement by Mayor Finkbeiner:

"These are not steps I wish to take, but they are nonetheless necessary to balance the City of Toledo's budget. Contract negotiations will continue, but until our Union's bargaining units recognize the need for concessions and shared sacrifice, these announced layoffs will continue as planned.

The press release by the mayor also stated in bold, "If action is taken by Council to increase revenue, and all Unions grant concessions, the number of layoffs can be reduced."