Sen. Brown in town to talk green

Photo from a previous interview Sherrod Brown did with WTOL.
Photo from a previous interview Sherrod Brown did with WTOL.

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown visited northwest Ohio Friday, April 17 with one goal: to create jobs.

"We're at Owens Illinois to talk climate change today." said Brown He says climate change is more than just an environmental issue, it's a moral issue and one that can create long term jobs. "There are thousands and tens-of-thousands of potential jobs in alternative energy."

The senator believes northwest Ohio, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of green energy, is the perfect place to bring leaders from all walks of business together to create those long-term jobs and do it in a green way. "The fact that we're bringing together industry and labor and environmental advocates in one meeting, discussing the same issue, makes me certain that we will come to agreement on what's best to deal with global warming and climate change and what's best for Ohio industry."

But it's not just the jobs that make the products we see, like solar panels and wind turbines, but also the jobs that create the components to make those products the senator says are key.

"These are companies that make glass, steel, paper and aluminum -- companies that are all over this state. Northwest Ohio and all over this state. We've got to make sure those jobs are preserved and expanded."

Senator Brown is doing more than just talking about this, he's doing something about it. Recently, he joined with seven other senators from both sides of the isle to create "The Restoring Americas Manufacturing Leadership Through Energy Efficiency Act of 2009."