Need a job? Here's 30 Seconds to Sell

By Lauren Lowrey - bio | email

(WTOL) - If you only had 30 seconds to convince someone to hire you, could you do it? First impressions are everything, and they take less than a minute to make.

News 11 is launching a new series for you on how to get attention and get hired in a matter of seconds. It's called "30 Seconds to Sell".

In the business world, 30 seconds is all you have to make a sale. When you're out of work, "you" become the product. So News 11 got a stopwatch and a camera. We're giving you the chance to sell.

"Alright, I'm ready. Okay," Frank Hagler begins in front of our camera. I can drive a forklift. I can do warehouse work. I'm hardworking, dedicated and loyal, and I'm just looking for an opportunity to be employed."

Brian Lowe tells us he has a lot of transferable skills and Ferris Ganoom is very good at credit analysis.

Several of the people who tried it said summarizing their qualifications in a 30-minute pitch was hard. Our "30 Seconds to Sell" challenge might not be easy, but if you're preparing for a job fair or a chance encounter with a potential employee, 30 seconds is all you've got.

We'll be featuring "30-seconds to sell" interviews on our newscasts and even more online.