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How can I not sell my own house?

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

SWANTON TOWNSHIP (WTOL) - Selling a home is tough enough as it is. Now imagine not being able to advertise.

That's the new rule being enforced starting May 1 at Arrowhead Lake of Berkey Southern Road in Swanton Township. Some residents there feel their rights are being compromised, so they're turning to Problem Solver Mika Highsmtih to work things out.

Getting a buyer to seal the deal is tough. If no one knows about it, the task can be almost impossible. "If you don't see a for sale sign, you don't know it's for sale," said Call 11 fro Action caller Earlene Bailey.

It's a new rule at Arrowhead Lake that says all signs, like Bailey's 'For Sale' sign, are prohibited. No signs of any kind including things for sale, no soliciting, etc.

So how do you sell?

Management says all prospective buyers must check in at the front office to find out what homes are available. It's a move to increase security, but bailey says all it will do is diminish her chance of sale. "First of all, our park is only open Monday through Friday until 6 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, they're closed," said Bailey.

 Bailey fears the office will decide who to contact first or which house to mention to any prospective buyer. That's something this homeowner wants to prevent from happening because her financial future depends on selling her house. "It's crazy. It's my home. We own it."

After going over Ohio revised code, it doesn't appear they're violating any laws because it's private property. Mika spoke with park management. They say the changes will make the park more secure. As far as changing the rules, they have no comment. She's pursuing other avenues to work out a compromise, and she'll keep you updated.

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