Sign of Spring: Orange barrel alert

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

(WTOL) - The Ohio Department of Transportation (O-DOT) kicks off the 2009 construction season Wednesday, April 8.

This year, there are more than 47 different construction projects across the region.

Some of the major ones in Lucas County include replacement of the Douglas Road bridge over I-475 and work on the Disalle Bridge on I-75.

In Wood County, traffic on 795 will be slow as crews replace a bridge between I-280 and I-75.

Updates on big projects

We talked to those living in the construction zones.

Almost $200 million will go into northwest Ohio's roads. That means, starting as early as next month, people who drive them will see more orange cones and signs leading them off of their normal paths.

For neighbors living around Douglas Road, the detour will come on May 1 when the Douglas Road bridge that crosses over 475 closes. It's something most neighbors didn't get much information about.

"The sign on the road, that's it," said one neighbor, "and no one has come and told us about it. No alternative routes."

It isn't having little warning that's got neighbors around the area bothered. "I'm worried about the 150 days it's gonna be closed. I mean, that's a long time. That's half a year."

Another said, "It is actually going to make me get up for school a lot earlier and probably a longer drive."

Deputy Director David Dysard says people shouldn't look at the construction in their area as something negative. "I love orange barrels. When I see orange barrels, I see people working and jobs for our area, new transportation investments and improvements to our system. So those are good things."