Man shoots wife, self near Bellevue

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YORK TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - The Sandusky County sheriff's office is investigating a murder-suicide involving a husband and wife.

The call came in around 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon on Township Rd. 302 in York Township near Bellevue. Police say Emmit Weaver shot and killed his wife Betty before taking his own life.

Police surrounded the home, and there was a 15- to 20-minute standoff.

Officers were about to go in when they heard a gunshot.

Police say they've never had any calls to this house in the past.

Neighbors say Emmit Weaver who went by Buck and his wife Betty were good, quiet neighbors. They say Buck was in poor health recently and Betty and his son took care of him.

Neighbors cannot put the pieces of this murder suicide together.

Shari and Dennis Connors are trying to comfort each other after a horrific afternoon.

Dennis says the couple never heard a thing about Betty and Buck Weaver, the Connor's neighbors in their sixties, having any problems.

The Sandusky County Sheriff's department says buck shot his wife and after a brief stand-off with deputies, shot himself.

Mark Seymour's Family lives right across the street. He describes Betty as a saint who looked after the neighborhood, people's pets and her husband.

Mark says Buck's son and daughter were inside Mark's home as the scene unfolded.

"Can you imagine you are at work and get a phone call that your father killed your stepmother and then killed himself?" Seymour asks.

The Connors say the daughter was on the phone with Buck as the whole situation was happening and she called police. Neither she nor Buck's son would comment on the case.

Neighbors say with such a wonderful neighbor as Betty, the questions are numerous.

"You never heard any loud noises, never heard them fight, never heard them cussin' never heard anything, so who would have imagined this?" asks neighbor Anna Mira-Ellis.

The Connors describe Betty as a person they could both count on and are heartbroken that something like this could happen.

More answers should be available as the sheriff's report comes out on Wednesday.

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