EcoTrack 11: Now's a good time to invest in renewable energy

By Chris Vickers - email | bio

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The time to invest in renewable energy has never been better, says Chris Downey, from Green by Design, who says business has been booming.

The government has come out with some incentives: People could possibly get a 30 percent tax credit on some forms of alternative energy.

"Initially it is very expensive to do, but with the incentives out there, it has become more affordable for people to put this in their home or business," Downey said.

That has people considering green energy more than ever.

"Geothermal, probably our biggest selling item that we have. Pulling heat out of the ground to heat someone's home, we don't pay a dime for that heat in the ground."

The concept for geothermal is simple: extracting heat from the ground in the winter and storing it there in the summer, no matter the season with no harmful emissions.

"A big thing today is lowering carbon footprints and those types of things and our products... will help people do that," Downey said.

Among them are products for your home or business that you have never considered, like a tankless water heater.

"The tankless water heater is real simple: When you use hot water it runs, when you're not, it doesn't. It will save you about 30 percent on your annual hot water bills."

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