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Maryland Style Crab Cakes


There will also be a free tax line on April 7. Call 1-877HRBLOCK. Ask questions and they can also tranfer you to a local office.

On Tuesday, April 7, tax experts from H&R Block will offer 24 hours of "taxpertise" - tax advice for free. Anytime that day, taxpayers can phone or email in their tough tax questions and get free, expert advice. Just call 1-877-HRBLOCK (1-877-472-5625) or e-mail to connect with a tax expert.

These H&R Block tax specialists can help taxpayers wade through issues like cancelled debt, first-time homebuyer credit, penalties for early withdrawals from pension plans and other pressing issues. Common questions include:

  • My home was repossessed. Do I still have to pay taxes?
  • I bought a home for the first time - but it has wheels - do I still qualify for that first-time homebuyer credit?
  • I'm traveling to job interviews far from home. What expenses can I deduct?

The Tax Talk Line will be open all day signaling the final-week countdown for taxpayers to either file their taxes, an extension or even an amendment.

As April 15th looms, H&R Block Offers 24 Hours of Free Tax Advice  
Tax Talk Line open April 7; Call 877-HRBLOCK for free "taxpertise"



12th Annual Parkinson's Symposium: Welcoming the Brightest and Best Stars in Parkinson's to Northwest Ohio!  

Saturday, April 4, 2009 - Gladieux Meadows - Toledo, OH


12th Annual Parkinson's Disease Symposium
Saturday, April 4, 2009
Doors open at 8:30 a.m.
Program begins at 9:30 a.m.

You may register by telephone by calling 
419-383-4258 and leaving a message, via e-mail at: 
or by regular mail to the address below.

Name: _________________________________
City, State , Zip:__________________________
 Meat entrée Vegetarian entrée

Name: _________________________________
City, State , Zip:__________________________
 Meat entrée Vegetarian entrée

Name: _________________________________
City, State , Zip:__________________________
 Meat entrée Vegetarian entrée

We are asking all attendees to consider making a tax deductible donation to the UT Center for Neurological Disorders so we can continue to offer the Annual Symposium free of charge.

Please make checks check payable to:
UT Center for Neurological Disorders
and mail with the registration form to:
UT Medical Center - Neurology
Mail Stop 1195 Attn: Julia Spears
3000 Arlington Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614-2598


The Toledo Medical Center Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders Program and the Parkinson Foundation of Northwest Ohio strive to make each year's symposium better than the last. This year, on April 4th we are very excited to have the founders of the HollyRod Foundation and the author of Delay the Disease as part of our program.

Dr. Lawrence Elmer will be our host for the program and we can look forward to a PD Update as well as the popular question and answer session. We are expecting a record crowd for this year's program. The program is free but you must pre-register and have a ticket to attend. Make your reservation NOW to join us for this exciting and informative program.

The HollyRod Foundation was founded in 1997 by NFL quarterback Rodney Peete and actress Holly Robinson Peete in honor of Holly's father, Matthew T. Robinson, Jr., who was diagnosed with PD in 1982 at the young age of 46. Matt Robinson was a successful television writer who wrote several episodes of "Sanford and Son", originated the role of "Gordon" on "Sesame Street" and was a writer / producer for "The Cosby Show". Forced to retire from a

successful career in entertainment, he had the emotional and financial support of Holly, Rodney and the rest of his family. Other patients, however, are not so fortunate. While caring for Mr. Robinson, Holly and Rodney often encountered patients who were alone, could not afford care or did not have access to expensive medications, treatments and services.

Moved by Mr. Robinson's struggle and the struggle of others, Holly and Rodney were determined to help alleviate the financial burdens associated with the disease for those less fortunate and set out to create an organization that cared for a patient's immediate financial, physical and emotional needs. Soon after, HollyRod was created.

Since its inception, HollyRod has grown into an organization that has helped support countless patients with PD around the country. HollyRod holds various fundraisers throughout the year including DesignCure, a night of fashion, music and fun with top celebrities and designers, as well as an annual pre-Super BowlTM party.

In 2002, HollyRod partnered with the Center for Parkinson's Research and Movement Disorders at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and established The HollyRod Compassionate Care Program (CCP). Through the program, HollyRod is able to provide patients with financial and medical assistance.

After living with Parkinson's for more than 20 years, Mr. Robinson succumbed to the disease in August 2002. Needless to say, the resolve of the HollyRod Foundation was strengthened. Holly and Rodney are more determined than ever to assist patients with PD and their families/caregivers.

David Zid, an ACE, APG certified personal trainer and President of Columbus Health Works, in collaboration with a local surgeon, Thomas H. Mallory, M.D., have authored a user-friendly guide, detailing a Parkinson's - specific exercise plan that can be used daily. Zid is an energetic trainer in the central Ohio area that has taken a specific interest in designing fitness regimens for individuals afflicted with Parkinson's. Dr. Mallory, a prominent and internationally renowned orthopaedic total joint surgeon was diagnosed with PD several years ago. He has found that his enthusiasm for exercise has actually improved many of the symptoms of this progressive neurologic disease. He has been using Zid's program for the last 2 years and is ecstatic with the results including improvement in balance, strength and flexibility. They both feel that these obviously positive results should be shared with all individuals with PD, from the newly diagnosed to those in the well-advanced stages of this affliction.


Go Green This Spring: Save Water, Save Money, and Prevent Pollution 

Save over 30% off the purchase of a rain barrel

(Toledo, OH) - For the first time this year, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan residents have the opportunity to save money and water by purchasing discounted rain barrels, thanks to a partnership between American Rivers, the Toledo Stormwater Program, the Rain Garden Initiative of Toledo - Lucas County and The New England Rain Barrel Company. Rain barrels help residents use water more wisely and reduce pollution in local streams by capturing stormwater runoff. 

"We all need clean water, and it's important that we use water wisely. Rain barrels are an easy way to catch and store rain for watering gardens, shrubs and trees. They also help prevent stormwater from overwhelming our aging sewer systems or flowing over dirty streets and parking lots and polluting local streams," said Kathryn Swartz, conservation associate for American Rivers. "By catching the rain and reusing it, residents can help the environment and save money at the same time."

Did you know?

  • 40% of the average homeowner's water use is outdoors.
  • 700 gallons of water runs off a 1,200 square foot roof after only one inch of rainfall. Using a rain barrel is an excellent way to conserve some of this water.
  • A quarter inch of runoff from an average roof will easily fill a rain barrel. If you have five storms a season, that equals 275 gallons of free water.
  • Rain barrel use reduces the stress on municipal water systems during the summer months and improves stormwater management.

The rain barrels are available at the discounted price of $79.95 - $40 off the retail price.  Over 225 rain barrels were sold through this program in 2008.  Orders must be placed by March 27th.  A general delivery has been scheduled for Saturday, April 4th at the Erie Street Market, 237 S. Erie Street, Downtown Toledo from 9 a.m. till noon.  All rain barrels orders may be picked up at that time.  For further information or to order a rain barrel, call The New England Rain Barrel Company toll free at 877-977-3135 or order online at   

The New Englander rain barrel is designed for watering flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees either by connecting a garden hose to the rain barrel or filling a watering can.  The rain barrels are made from 55-gallon blue plastic recycled containers. The top does not come off, so children or pets cannot get in the barrel. It has a six inch diameter inlet opening covered with a screened louver to keep insects and debris out. The barrels have two brass spigots; one to allow you to connect a hose for watering, and one for overflow.  You can connect a hose to the overflow spigot and redirect the water away from your home.  It even comes with a five-foot hose with a shutoff valve.  You can join multiple barrels for additional capacity.

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