EcoTrack 11: Dam project brings aquatic life to Swan Creek

By Chris Vickers - email | bio

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - New signs of life are beginning to show up on Swan Creek this spring.

A recent dam mitigation project has opened up miles of the creek to new aquatic life. The water now flows freely through Swan Creek at Highland Park.

We wanted to reconnect the two segments of Swan creek, so that the fish could travel over the dam. There used to be a dam here. It is still there actually, but we brought in 2500 tons of stone in order to make steps," said Kris Patterson with Partners For Clean Streams.

In its first spring since construction, fish and other wildlife are returning to the creek, which is no longer disrupted by the dam.

We have seen that fish are actually using the steps, moving up through the stone and getting up over the dam," said Patterson.

This is more than a successful environmental feat. The Swan Creek has turned into a place for education outside the classroom. Students come here to study the changes to the ecosystem and the new creatures that live within. "We have taken the opportunity to make a park that is already heavily used by the residents and loved by the residents, and we made it a little gem."

It's a great sign for our environment and for people seeking recreation and fishing this spring.