Szollosi proposes alternate budget solutions

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - As city of Toledo leaders are scrambling to erase a massive budget deficit, a member of city council is rolling out his proposal on how to solve the financial mess.

Council's Frank Szollosi says time is not on the side of city leaders and that a solution must be found sooner rather than later. He opposes the mayor's plan for council to side-step collective bargaining to implement concessions for the city's unions.

Szollosi's plan involves council voting on an estimated $9 million worth of cuts and revenue enhancements as well as the mayor's proposals on raising the monthly trash collection fee and reducing the income tax credit for Toledoans working outside the city limits.

Then, depending on how council votes on those measures, the administration will be charged with implementing anywhere between $13 million and $18 million worth of budget cuts this year.

"The ball will go back into the mayor's court to either execute layoffs, very considerable layoffs across all departments, or it will provide the incentive needed for the bargaining units to come to terms with some painful sacrifices and concessions," Szollosi said Thursday morning, April 2.

He is hoping council will vote on this proposal next Tuesday, April 7 during an emergency budget meeting. In his opinion, this plan is respectful of the collective bargaining process.


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