My neighborhood is not a trash dump

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

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NORTH TOLEDO (WTOL) - Joan Rowe has lived in this north Toledo neighborhood since the 1950s, so she knows the lay of the land.

She knows what doesn't belong there. We're talking all sorts of trash -- in bags, in trees. There's even food and clothing. "There's tires in there back," she says. There's even Christmas trees that someone dumped.

The mess covers about a five-block radius at the end of Rowe's street. It's supposed to be a no dumping zone. But obviously, "They're not listening," Rowe says.

As block watch leader, she plans to get the no dumping enforced, especially since the sign is posted.

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Mika contacted the city. They said there's two separate properties. Neither is owned by the city, so they sent an inspector out to find out who's property it is. They say they will issue orders and get the area cleaned up. She'll keep you updated.