Mayor's new proposals to balance Toledo budget

By Colleen Wells - bio | email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - "There are things in this plan nobody will like, and in these difficult times, that is how it should be," Mayor Finkbeiner said Monday.

The plan includes (in part)

  • A 10% pay cut for all city workers as well as moving to 36-hour week.
  • Increasing the garbage fee.
  • Privatizing trash collection.
  • Reducing Fire Dept. overtime
  • See the full list of revenue enhancements and cost reductions.


Police layoffs will be reduced in this new plan. Instead of 75, 40 officers will be laid off.

Community reaction

Toledoans sounded off about the latest proposal to balance Toledo's budget, now $27 million in the red. Most residents are concerned about police layoffs and the mayor's plan to increase garbage collection fees to save 35 officers. "I don't like having to pay more for anything, especially right now," said Barb Fann.

Others are willing to pay a little more. "I don't like the idea of increased fees, but we need police officers. So we're going to have to do what we can," Tom Meade told News 11.

Jennifer Conrad said, "I'd rather pay more for garbage so we do have the safety in number on the streets."

Before council, the mayor said his plan calls for sacrifice and Toledoans say they feel it. "They have to act fast, but at the same time, they better do it with a good conscience because we're not going to stand for much more. We can't," Conrad said.