Families Coping: Laid off and lying low, she's struggling to stay afloat

Meet Mary Ames. She has no spouse and no income.

"You are looking at someone ... who has lost everything and is starting over," Ames said about her life.

Since the middle of 2006, Ames has weathered a foreclosure and three lay-offs at three different companies -- all due to downsizing.

She's lost her medical insurance and is now running out of time.

"You go through your unemployment benefits, you go through your savings, you go through your 401k and use up everything you have in order to survive," Ames said.

She's already cut out every possible expense, even foregoing the $2 it would take to wash and dry her clothes at her apartment's laundry room.

"I've been doing this for three or four weeks," Ames said.

She's also scrimping on food, eating once a day to make sure her grandkids have food to eat when they come over each weekend.

"When you've got kids, they eat every couple of hours. They're running to the fridge every couple of hours, cupboards are flying open... how do you tell them no?"

On top of the financial troubles, Ames has come down with pneumonia in the last two weeks and has no way to pay for prescriptions to get better.

In the weeks to come, we'll talk to one organization who says they can point you in the right direction when you're in need.