Man, oh, man was he mad at the city -- until Mika stepped in

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

Posted by Kate Oatis -

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Jim Faykosh takes care of his east Toledo home, but as he walks out and around the corner, he sees something that makes him wonder why he bothers.

"This is stuff they took right out of the street, but it shouldn't be here this long," Faykosh said.

The "stuff" he's referring to is piles of leaves collected during leaf pickup, mixed with trash, right in the middle of a parking lot in Ravine Park that now resembles a dump, if you really want to know.

The mess has been there since January, unsettling Faykosh, who has a vision of what the place could look like.

He says, though, that no one listens when he calls the city to complain.

"All you get is the runaround."

Down but not out, Faykosh contacted Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith. She answered the call and, today, crews were on the scene clearing the lot.

Faykosh is happy.

"Nothing was done until you guys showed up," he said. "As usual, you guys seem to get stuff done that no one can get done, and we're real happy with that."

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