S. Toledo neighborhood living in fear of arson

By Jonathan Walsh - bio | email

SOUTH TOLEDO (WTOL) - A series of suspicious fires have been plaguing a south Toledo neighborhood, and people there want action.

In the past few weeks alone, three suspicious fires targeted the 200 blocks of Sumner and Eastern as well as the 400 block of Western.

For 64 years, WWII vet Joseph Hernandez lived on Sumner. He raised six kids there. One night took his life-long home away.

The vacant house beside his home appears to have been set on fire. It's ruined Joseph's home and the neighbor on the other side.

On Thursday, family and friends started closing the door on this chapter of Joseph's life to start a new one living with his daughter in Michigan.

Joseph says he wants those responsible for the fires to be taken off the streets soon so life-changing events like his aren't repeated. "I hope they catch them, not only for my sake, but for somebody else who's going to go through the same thing."