TPS parents sound off over rezoning

By Colleen Wells - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Parents are venting their frustrations about a plan to re-zone the Toledo Public School District.

Simply put, the district says too many of its schools have too much empty space. For example, at Glenwood Elementary, there are less than 200 students even though the school can hold more than 400.

So TPS is shifting its districts, which means some kids might have to go to different schools. That has parents pretty upset.

"You gonna close the one school that I finally got my boys in where they behave well," one parent said.

Community members gave TPS Superintendent John Foley an ear full during a meeting Thursday night, March 26 at Scott High School.

"We do have some space issues, " Foley said, "We have buildings that are way too big for their capacity, and we have buildings that are too small for their capacity. We're trying to get the community in the mix, being real honest about the challenges, and have them give us input."

The changes will be district-wide. Many parents are afraid Libbey High School will be closed altogether because it's not included in the district's master plan.

"I think Libbey should remain open. I think that environment has been a nurturing environment for the kids in that area for a long time. I think if they force a lot of those kids from Libbey to go to Scott, I think a lot of them are just going to quit school," said Ted Jobe who attended the meeting because he wants Libbey to stay open.

Foley will not go so far as to say Libbey is closing but admits the district will have to close some schools. "As we look at facing budget deficits, looking at our overall capacities, we're going to have to close some schools. If not this year, by 2012 with the building plan."

Foley will hold one more community meeting, and then make a recommendation to the school board about which schools should close and where those students will go.

The final decision will be up to the school board.