Mayor announces first stimulus grants awarded to Toledo

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - Funds from the economic stimulus package have now reached the local level. City and state officials learned how much money they should expect.

Mayor Finkbeiner and members of the Joint Intermodal Task Force announced the economic stimulus grants that were awarded to Toledo Thursday, March 26.

Waterfront projects

The area is set to receive millions of dollars, and much of it will be spent along the waterfront.

The Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority will get more than $22 million with $15 million set to modernize the Toledo shipyard.

Another $6.8 million will go toward getting a new crane. That will double the productivity as the current cranes in the seaport.

The Port Authority says these projects will mean hundreds of new jobs for the area.

Intermodal projects

The city will get $6.5 million for the intermodal project. That will go toward making major improvements at the airline junction rail yard.

Oregon projects

The city of Oregon is set to recieve $3 million to improve Otter Creek Road between Corduroy and Bay Shore Roads.

Here are grant highlights from the State of Ohio web site:

Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 Lucas County City of Toledo Airline Junction Project Recovery Act Investment: As recommended by a City of Toledo Joint Intermodal Task Force, the state is investing $6.5 million in stimulus funds - to be combined with local, state, and private, funds - to improve the Airline Junction Intermodal Terminal at the center of Norfolk Southern's Toledo operation. The project will extend and connect several sections of rail track to create a new third line, which will allow for the movement and storage of freight cars. The improvements to the terminal will also allow for the service (loading and unloading) of container cars at this site in Toledo, instead of the current need to service cars in Detroit and ship contents back to Ohio. Project Description: Given Toledo's strategic location, transportation and logistics has long been recognized as an important driver of the City of Toledo. Airline Junction lies at the center of Norfolk Southern's Toledo operations, a location that is both critical to the inherent opportunities of the facility, as well as a challenge to expansion efforts. These extensions, in conjunction with other track reconfigurations, will help to increase the effective annual capacity of the Airline Junction facility to approximately 60,000 (adding 30,000) annual lifts. The total project cost is more than $13 million; Norfolk Southern is committed to completing the investment. Several Ohio counties will be significantly impacted by this development of approximately 98 acres of land, including Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Sandusky, and Wood.

Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 Ottawa County Allen Township Billman Road Bridge Over Cedar Creek Recovery Act Investment: To meet current design load standards, the state is investing $338,200 to rehabilitate and upgrade the Billman Road Bridge over Cedar Creek in Allen Township. The superstructure of this 56.5-foot steel truss bridge will be dismantled, cleaned, replaced as needed, and galvanized. This work will extend the use of the bridge by at least 40 years. Project Description: The current bridge, erected in 1954, serves as one of the main routes from Oregon Northwood and is utilized as a farm-to-market road for regional farmers and provides critical access to the grain elevators. Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 Lucas County City of Oregon 3

Otter Creek Road Improvement Recovery Act Investment: As a truck route for the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority and the City of Oregon, the existing concrete pavement on Otter Creek Road is 56 years old with massive cracking and joint failure. The concrete pavement is in need of full reconstruction, especially to support heavy-loaded trucks. This $3 million stimulus investment will reconstruct existing concrete pavement sections of Otter Creek Road, between Corduroy Road and Bay Shore Road, including the York Street Intersection. Project Description: Otter Creek Road serves as the City of Oregon's main industrial access road and is capable of handling heavy-loaded permitted trucks, which is critical to some of the industry in the area, including access to the Port of Toledo. This project also supports the BP Refinery expansion and conversion project, a $1 billion BP investment. Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 Lucas County City of Toledo Toledo Shipyard Crane Replacement Recovery Act Investment: $6.8 million will demolish and replace existing gantry cranes used to service the Port of Toledo in lifting and lowering equipment to and from the vessels, tugs, and barges in dry docks. These cranes are essential to ship maintenance and repair operations, as well as any future vessel or barge construction projects that take place at the facility. Project Description: A new moveable crane will allow the use of both of the Toledo Shipyard's dry docks, and will be a significant step in the modernization of the shipyard operated by Ironhead Marine, Inc. and the Port of Toledo. The installation of the new crane will support increased ship repair, maintenance, and building activities at the Toledo Shipyard. Together with additional investment in the Toledo Shipyard, this project is expected to improve the competiveness of the shipyard and its ability to attract additional work and create new jobs at the facility. Ohio Department of Transportation District 2 Lucas County City of Toledo Toledo Shipyard Modernization Recovery Act Investment: This $15 million investment will modernize the Toledo Shipyard with expansion of the High Bay Building (adding 300 feet) to accommodate barge conversions, wind tower construction, and other large-scale fabrication projects. Funding will also assist in acquiring essential equipment for barge and wind turbine construction projects including a plate roll, plate press machines, and a plasma cutting table. This modernization effort will also include gate improvements for additional shipbuilding capacity and repairs to the pump house and sea wall.

Project Description: With links to a nearby CSX rail line and easy access to Interstate 75 and the Ohio Turnpike, this modernization project will encourage greater intermodal connectivity and economic growth at the Port of Toledo. There are growing opportunities for ship repair and maintenance on the Great Lakes, and only five other shipyard facilities on the Great Lakes to serve at least 400 current U.S. and Canadian 4 vessels. Last year, the Toledo Shipyard had 16 consecutive months with a ship in dry dock. The expanded High Bay fabrication facility will have the capacity for bridge and wind tower fabrication.