Families Coping: Carmen Coy's letter

My husband and I have been married for 5 years.  We have 2 beautiful children ages 2 and 14 months.  Since last summer, we have been living off of my income alone.  My husband has worked his entire life on the family farm.  He used to receive a pay check from his dad twice a month, but due to hard times, his dad cannot afford to pay him.  Even though crop prices were up this past year, the yeild was down.  In years past the yeild and prices have been low.  As the economy continues to slide, so do crop prices, but fuel, fertilizer, seed, etc prices are on the rise.   Farmers are not getting any breaks.

In order to keep farming, his dad has had to continue borrowing money (operating loans) from the bank. In April, 2007 the bank decided to call in all the loans, foreclose on the farm and stop working with my husband and his father.  In response, we have filed Chapter 12 (reorganization).  This farm has been in the family for generations (since the 1800's).  Last Fall the bank garnished our personal bank accounts and applied that money to the farm loan.  My income only goes so far.  Since the farm is a family business, my husband can't even apply for unemployment.

I know you are probably going to get hundred's of stories, but I urge you to do at least one on a farmer.  If not us, then please someone else.  The government is giving all this money to support car manufacturers, but what about us??  Who is going to help the American Farmer?