Feb. unemployment rate decreases across viewing area

After January's report brought the worst unemployment rates yet in this recession, the latest report just released showed unemployment rates decreasing in February for most counties in our viewing area.

Jan. Feb.
Lucas County 13.3% 12.0%
Wood County 11.6% 11.3%

That's great news for our area because unemployment rates increased in most counties of the state. The statistics from February show an increase in 63 of the 88 counties. The only county in our viewing area that had an increased unemployment rate in February is Hancock County.

Highest Unemployment in the state for February

  • Huron 18%
  • Ottawa 16.6%

These two counties remain the top two counties in the state, but both decreased their unemployment rate from January. Huron's rate decreased 0.3% and Ottawa decreased 0.4%.

Here are the statistics for our viewing area.

Southern County

Hancock came in at 10.3%. That's up from 9.9% in January. It's the only county with an increased unemployment rate from January.

Eastern Counties

The eastern counties were the hardest hit again in February. The two counties with the highest unemployment rates in the entire state are Huron and Ottawa.

Jan. Feb.
Erie 14.1% 13.5%
Huron 18.3% 18%
Ottawa 17% 16.6%
Sandusky 13.2% 13.2%
Seneca 12.4% 12.2%

Western Counties

Jan. Feb.
Defiance 14.0% 13.3%
Henry 15.0% 14.9%
Fulton 15.3% 14.9%
Paulding 13.4% 13.6%
Putnam 11.9% 12.0%
Williams 15.4% 15.3%

Here is the full report. We'll have the details up shortly.