Families Coping: Maumee family adjusts to major life changes

MAUMEE (WTOL) - Randy and Candy Huner are your typical middle class family of six, living in Maumee with their four kids. But the past year has turned their world upside down -- financially and emotionally.

Randy's medical transportation company collapsed under the weight of the recession. So, wife Candy, who always enjoyed cleaning houses, decided to turn that passion into a lifeline.

"Randy was so depressed that I just had to pick it up and go with it," Candy said.

Actually, Randy had quit his houskeeping job at St. Luke's Hospital to start his own business.

That was two years ago.

"You go in business because you want to make yourself wealthy. That's why you do it," Randy said. But 18-hour days couldn't keep his medical transport vans running when gas prices spiked.

"I was probably spending $6,000 a month at Speedway," Randy said. Add to that benefits for 15 employees, and the red ink turned into pink slips for everyone as he closed his doors.

Candy's cleaning business quickly became a lifeline to support their family of six. Kelsey. a college student, moved back home to save money on tuition. And the other kids picked up parttime jobs.

The Huners have no unemployment because they owned the business. They have no health insurance either.

"It's a minimum of $500 per month for a family my size and that's just for a basic that doesn't cover much," said Randy.

Instead, they rely on $4 prescriptions from WalMart -- and get by.

The thing that strikes us about this beautiful family is how this chapter in their lives has drawn them closer.

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