She faced a water shutoff so she asked Mika to get involved

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Michelle Small pays her rent and takes care of her place. But, until Call 11 for Action Mika Highsmith got involved, this wasn't preventing the City of Toledo from turning off her water on Wednesday.

The thing is, Small's landlord has, apparently, been remiss in paying his water bills. In fact, "the water bill hasn't been paid since 2008," Small said.

More aggravating for Small was not being able to get the landlord "on the phone."

"I'm caught in a Catch 22 and he is responsible," Small said.

Mika called the landlord and did not get a call back. The water department, however, says a payment has been made so Small no longer faces a shutoff.

That's good news, but if you're in a similar situation, give the water department a call.

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