Council says police-delivered memo a waste in budget crisis

By Rob Wiercinski - bio | email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Sparks are flying over this memo sent on Thursday from the mayor to members of council.

The rub for council's Mike Collins is the memo being delivered to him by hand from a Toledo police sergeant in charge of field operations. "Is this an appropriate use of manpower? Having a police officer performing the functions of a courier?" asked Collins.

Council's Mike Ashford is wondering why the mayor didn't wait to place that memo in council's weekly information packets, which are delivered on Fridays. "This is a waste of time, production and manpower given the fact he's talking about laying 75 police officers off," Collins told News 11.

The memo had proposed council amendments to the 2009 budget. Read the memo here.

The mayor had this response to the criticism. "I am absolutely up to here with the small mindedness and misunderstanding of how serious the city of Toledo's financial condition is."

That memo tells council without union concessions across the board, the 2009 budget will not be balanced. The mayor is also calling for increased income for the city.

According to Ashford, the mayor shouldn't be searching for scapegoats for the city's dire financial situation. "You have to put the blame where the blame lies. That's with the Mayor Carty Finkbeiner." He added, "You also have to point the finger at city council too, the majority of city council voted for an '08 budget that resulted in a $9 million deficit."