Councilman urges street repairs over Marina development

By Rob Wiercinski - bio | email

EAST TOLEDO (WTOL) - The work continues to build Riverside Drive. According to council's Mike Ashford, however, that work could come to a halt and nobody would be affected since development in the Marina District has yet to take off. "As you see behind me, we have what we call the road to nowhere, and I voted against it," Ashford said from the marina development site.

Ashford is warning the mayor about sending a new spending measure for the Marina District before council. "The mayor has failed to address the most basic service, street repaving. In today's economic climate, the mayor and council should prioritize out needs," said Ashford.

Some city administrators showed up to Ashford's press conference to defend the Riverside Drive project, and they point out the majority of the funding for that road is through a state loan.

"The guarantee on the pay back of that loan is in an agreement that the city has with Dillin Waterfront Properties," said Mike White.

Don Monroe told News 11, "From my perspective, this is about creating jobs. This is a road to our future."

Ashford suggests Toledoans call the mayor's office to urge him to present a 2009 capital improvement plan that places a high priority on improving street conditions.


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